When people think of summer in Toronto, they probably picture themselves on the patio, drinking a nice cold beverage by the pool, the warm summer breeze and the appetizing smell of barbecue. It just doesn’t get any better, does it? But summer is also time for fun and in this energetic city a “delicious” event is on its way.

If you are about to travel to Toronto this summer, then you’re going to be in the right place at the right time! This dynamic city not only offers the usual holiday events all summer long, but it also hosts one of the best food festival in North America; and what is better than having a relaxed sunny day by the lake while enjoying a tasty meal?

May I Present Summerlicious!

No, it’s not a word from the Fergie’s song Fergalicious. This event is Toronto’s most appetizing culinary celebration and it runs for two tasty weeks in July every year. Summerlicious was created in 2003 to promote Toronto’s distinctive hospitality industry. Many restaurants decided to join the program to share with tourists and residents, the diverse and exquisite cuisine of the city.

Summerlicious consists of a three-course prix fixe lunch and dinner menus, served up at extraordinary prices. The program is offered by 200 of Toronto’s dining establishments; a wide spectrum of choices which will allow you to enjoy your favorite spot or discover new places.

For participating restaurants, please check the link: Summerlicious .

There is more…

If you were thinking that Summerlicious is the ultimate event, then you need to keep reading, because this food celebration is only one of the countless attractions that Toronto has in store for you this summer!

The Rec Room

Bring out your inner child in this massive indoor playground. Be playful and mind free surrounded by video games, virtual reality and live entertainment and then chill out at their dining room with a delicious Canadian-inspired cuisine.

Indigenous Arts Festival

Canadians care deeply about their indigenous communities. These people, also known as Native Canadians or Aboriginal Canadians, represent the first inhabitants of North America, arrived in Canada at least 15,000 years ago! To celebrate these communities, Toronto hosts an annual festival with dance, contemporary indigenous music, theatre, film, storytelling and food.

Corno & Warhol

The Canadian artist Joanne Corneau, better known as Corno, is remembered in an outstanding pop art exhibition this July. It is a deep dive in Corno’s world, strongly influenced by the great artist Andy Warhol, with the result of extraordinary art works in a vibrant pop art style.


In this cosmopolitan and busy city, intellectual lifestyle is not set aside. Theatres are still part of the Canadian culture, indeed, going to the theatre is considered a quite glamour event. If musical is your thing then you can’t absolutely miss Grease! The acclaimed Broadway choreographer and director, Josh Prince, comes to the city with a fresh revival of one of the greatest high school rock musical ever.

A Walk In The Nature

Summer is the right time to explore. Toronto offers various guided walking tours and nature hikes in the barren lands of the Ontario area. Many volunteer scientists, historians and local naturalists will help you explore the many significant features of the local natural ecosystem.

Jazz On The Beach

Rediscover the jazz era these summer nights in the heart of Toronto’s lake side beaches. Jazz music, multiple stages, street fest and tasty gourmet food trucks are ready for you!

Catch A Free Movie

Do you remember the typical American date night with couples watching a movie in a cabriolet, in front of a large outdoor movie screen? Well, this summer, grab a chair or a blanket and go watch a free movie under the starry sky. Toronto’s numerous parks and parking lots are set up for outdoor cinema and will create a magical atmosphere.

Time To Get Sporty

For every sport lover, a visit to Rogers Centre is a must! Head to the gigantic stadium to cheer on one of Canada’s major sports teams.

Go Swimming

We know it can sound weird cause there is no sea nearby but many of Toronto’s local Hotels provide the best outdoor pools in the area. So, if you don’t fancy a swim in the lake, get a day pass for a soothing day at one of the luxurious locations; check the link yellowpages.ca .

Explore Rouge Park

Not far from the skyscrapers of downtown there is a whole wilderness area: the country’s first national urban park. Rouge Park is a unique natural setting in the midst of Ontario’s capital; a nice walk through a charming forest populated by several species of plants and animals and surrounded by the waters of Lake Ontario.

Camping On The Island

In Canada, it’s not summer if you don’t go camping and Toronto has got something more than the typical camp in the woods. Just in front of this great metropolis, a chain of small islands rule Lake Ontario. The Toronto Islands are a great place where you can relax and go camping on the beach.

Still thinking of staying home this summer? Catch the next flight to Toronto and drop by for a visit. Maybe you’ll want to hang around for Winterlicious.…..to be continued.

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